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  "Carey has the patience of a saint, the people skills of a diplomat and the technical ability of a true makeup professional.  Her work on the film was consistently of the highest standard, and extremely valued by all - especially given the very adverse filming conditions she had to cope with on a nightly basis!  I'd have no hesitation in recommending her to anyone, and hope we work together again soon."
Jack Jewers - Director (BAFTA Nominee).
The Distances We Travel

"Carey is totally professional, very approachable and an absolute perfectionist. Each day of the shoot, she meticulously transformed me from actor to character and did a 100% great job every time. I loved working with her."
Emma Hill - Actress - Badinage, The Fallen Word

"Carey is a very dedicated professional, and brings experience in varying different shooting mediums, so you know she is going to make the actors look great, whatever you are shooting on whether it is film, tape or HD. She develops excellent working relationships with the actors and they trust her and enjoy working with her. If you are looking for a safe pair of hands to take control of your hair and make-up department, then Carey is your woman."
Katrina Moss - Producer - Eagle Films

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